1-2-1 Coaching

We’ve all felt like we’re drowning in mud, feeling stuck, worthless, and confused. You want to move. You should. You have to. But you can’t. And then it evolves into anxiety, fear, overwhelm and feeling more and more stuck & confused. And when you feel stuck, guess what? You're not LIVING! You're just existing and waiting as life passes you by. You're not alone.

We have both been there ourselves for longer than we'd like to admit. And now we want to offer to you, the helping hand that we needed back then.

We offer 1-2-1 Coaching sessions via Skype or Telephone (depending on your preference) with either sister; Lisa or Michelle. Although we each have individual areas of expertise; we both prefer intuitive coaching styles that follow you, rather than a process.

We won’t promise you a ‘quick fix’ in one call.  We believe that change naturally takes time – except when it doesn’t.  We respect that you often know your own answers, even when you think you don't. Expect dualities, straight talk, contradictions, challenge, deep listening, and a deep dive into the depths of who you really are and what you stand for. 

How it works
  • Questionnaire to be completed pre 1-2-1 to help us understand where you are now and how we can best help you.

  • Private Skype or Telephone Call(s) with Lisa or Michelle

  • Undivided 1-2-1 attention that will be honest, motivating & uplifting

  • Tailored advice to suit your specific problem area 

  • Powerful tools & techniques to help you in everyday life

  • Follow up email with a detailed list of actions to take - as discussed in the call

  • We aim to leave you feeling uplifted, motivated and ready to face your challenges head on

  *1 Month & 3 Month Packages only:

  • 1-2-1 Support Via Email*
    You will have, throughout the package duration, full email access for any questions that arise between calls. Although we are quite often on coaching calls or seminars, we will aim to answer each email personally within 24 hours.

Choose the right package for you:

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